A Plan to Implement Blended Learning


I.                   First Year  blended%20learning%20header-01-01-01

A.                 Gather as much supportive information as possible for blended learning models.

B.                  Survey my students on their needs and wants regarding a blended learning environment.

C.                  Discuss the results of my survey and the benefits of blended learning with the Program Director and Academic Dean. Request permission to restructure my classes as a pilot study for our DH program.

D.                 Courses will be restructured with half of learning occurring online and the other half in the classroom. I will plan my courses one at a time in the following order beginning with Cohort 8:

1.                  Radiography                                                           3-reasons-blended-learning

2.                  Embryology and Histology

3.                  Oral Pathology

4.                  Ethics and Law in Dental Hygiene

5.                  National Board Review

D.  Provide ongoing feedback to PD and Academic Dean regarding progress

II.                 Second Year

A.                 Implement the changes for my first class: Radiography

1.                  Evaluate student outcomes by comparing previous class averages for quizzes and exams

2.                  Survey student satisfaction

3.                  Request suggestions for improvement from students

4.                  Make changes as needed

B.                  Report outcomes to PD and Academic Dean

C.                  Implement the changes for Embryology and Histology

1.                  Begin with making adjustments based on results from Radiography

2.                  Evaluate student outcomes by comparing previous class averages for quizzes and exams

3.                  Survey student satisfaction

4.                  Request suggestions for improvement from students

5.                  Make changes as needed

D.                 Continue the process for the other classes, carefully tracking student outcomes and student satisfaction

E.                  Assess any differences in achievement for my subjects on the DH National Board Exam for Cohort 8. Compare scores from previous Cohorts with Cohort 8 and also assess performance in my subjects vs. other subjects taught the traditional way

III.              Third Year

A.                 Assemble a report with my findings for each class and the National Board Exam results. Include feedback from students. Share report with the PD and Academic Dean

B.                  Convince PD and Dean to encourage other instructors to adopt a blended learning approach, based on the success of my courses using a blended approach

C.                  Continue evaluating and improving teaching methods, materials and outcomes for my blended learning courses for Cohort 9

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