Digital Footprints

This week, I learned more about how to keep a positive public online presence. Everything we do online is permanent, whether it is a search, a post, or a purchase. Anyone can find information about you fairly easily if you don’t take precautions to keep private what you want to remain private.

In addition to keeping certain aspects of your life safeguarded, it is also important to work towards building a positive online presence. Post only the things you would want an employer or even your grandma to see. By keeping posts professional and positive, you can cultivate a good impression of yourself- and serve as a good role model for others!

The way we describe our digital patterns is called a digital footprint. Everything we do online leaves a footprint behind that can be traced back to us. When I did a Google search of my name, a lot of information came up. All my social media platforms, pictures, and WordPress articles were revealed. I was happy to see that everything about me online looked positive and professional. If you frequently search yourself online, you can ensure that everything is staying positive and is a good reflection of your character; you can monitor the internet for any negativity posted about you and keep your online presence a positive one.

Author: cruzconnect

I'm a dental hygiene instructor in San Antonio, TX. I want to share my passion for dental hygiene with other hygienists and create a place where hygiene educators can meet and collaborate. I received my A.S. Dental Hygiene from Southwestern College in San Diego, CA in 2003. After ten years of clinical practice, I returned to school to earn my B.S. Dental Hygiene from Northern Arizona University. I'm currently working on my Master's in Education with an emphasis in Digital Learning and Leading from Lamar University in Texas. I have an amazing husband and three kids: Matt (15), Chloe (10), and Silas (21 months). When I'm not fighting plaque and gingivitis, I like to hang out with friends and family (a little BBQ here and there), garden, play with the kiddos, travel, and remodel our house (a never-ending project!). I ride horses, speak a little French, and I'm a great shot with a bow and arrow (must be the Cherokee in me!). Most of all, I love to learn and share ideas. Thanks for stopping by!

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