Journal Reflection on Digital Citizenship EDLD 5316

What did you learn about digital citizenship? Be specific.

I learned about Ribble’s nine elements of digital citizenship, which encompassed things I knew internally, but had never really identified specifically. The most important take-away for me was learning about copyright laws and how to make sure that course design is done with those laws in mind. I didn’t know about fair use, so that was really enlightening!


What was your biggest accomplishment in the course?

My biggest accomplishment in this course was probably making the PowToon on how to use a cell phone responsibly.


What challenges did you face in completing this course?

The biggest challenge for me was completing all the reading assignments, videos, and the weekly assignments plus journals and discussion posts. It was just extremely time-consuming!


What was your best work for the course and explain why it was your best. What did you learn by creating it? Be specific.

My best work for the course was probably the paper I wrote in week five because it allowed me to reflect on how I can use digital citizenship in a very tangible way in my own classroom.


What was the one most useful or meaningful thing you learned in this course?

One of the most useful and meaningful things I learned in this course was about fair use and copyright laws. I’m always trying to be careful when using materials for my classes, and I am thankful for the great resources we were provided with.


What have you learned in this course that will help you continue to grow as an educational leader?

Because of the information I learned about copyright laws, I feel I am better prepared to help other instructors ensure they are using educational materials in their classrooms legally and ethically.


What was your favorite aspect of this course? Why?

My favorite aspect of this course was probably making the Powtoon on using cell phones responsibly. I had a lot of fun doing it and it opened my eyes to what I should be discussing more with my 11- year old daughter.


What suggestions would you give other students on ways to get the most out this course?

I would suggest to students that they read through the weekly assignments ahead of time. There are a lot of little assignments within the big assignments. The structure for this course is very different from the previous courses in this program.

If I had more time, I would have researched more information for the case studies. I think I would have answered the questions better.


What will you say, if you have a chance to speak to your friends, about this course?

I will tell them how incredibly important digital citizenship is, and that they should take a course like this one.


Author: CruzN

I'm a Curriculum Specialist, Dental Hygienist, and Goldendoodle breeder. I want to share my passions with others so we can collaborate. I have an A.S. and a B.S. in Dental Hygiene, and a Master's in Education with a focus on Digital Learning. I have a passion for Goldendoodles, and have taken courses in breeding and genetics through AKC. I'm also a member of GANA. I have an amazing husband and three kids: Matt, Chloe, and Silas. I also have 3 dogs and a cat. Definitely a full house! When I'm not editing curriculum or fighting plaque and gingivitis, I like to hang out with friends and family (a little BBQ here and there), garden, play with the kiddos and my dogs, travel, and remodel our house (a never-ending project!). Most of all, I love to learn and share ideas. Thanks for stopping by!

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